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The understated beauty of Mozambique


The understated beauty of Mozambique

When it comes to a luxury holiday on safari to Southern Africa, Mozambique is fast becoming the hot new destination on the African safari circuit. Famed for its luxury beaches and exceptional diving spots, Mozambique is now coming into its own as a highly reputable luxury safari destination.

Mozambique is a place where you can walk freely amongst the wildlife without having the chase around the plains in a jeep, competing with mass tourists to catch a glimpse of the big five. One of the finest game reserves in Mozambique is the Gorongosa National Park, which has received global recognition as one of the finest safari parks in the world.

The Gorongosa region is an ecologically unique area in Southern Africa and sits at the end of the Great African Rift Valley; as a result this region has a high volume of both diverse species and environments which feature nowhere else in the subcontinent, such as the Green headed Oriole and the Moustached Warbler.

There are five distinct ways to experience Gorongosa and they are via a walking safari, a game drive, trip to the local villages, Mount Gorongosa and the reintroduction wildlife sanctuary.

From the top five experiences mentioned, the most memorable has to be a walking safari. It's a remarkable way to explore this diverse region, getting closer to both nature and wildlife. The walks are geared towards gaining a great understanding and appreciation for ones surroundings and inspiring you with nature's magnificence. For getting up close safety to big game, a game drive is a must. Unlike other safari regions in Africa, Mozambique does not suffer from vast jeeps chasing around the reserve. The walking safari does have its perks but it is game drives which produce the best game viewing opportunities.

Traditionally travellers would only combine Mozambique with another destination such as Tanzania or South Africa for a safari and visit Mozambique for its tropical beaches. However, since the stabilisation in the country more and more intrepid adventurers are staying put in Mozambique and indulging in both a luxury safari and a beach holiday.

Adding a diving element to your luxury holiday on safari is a great way to unwind and cool down from an adrenaline charged luxury safaris why not take advantage of some of Southern Africa's finest diving and snorkelling spots. The diving around Mozambique is uncrowned and the visibility within the waters is on par with that of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean or even the Great Barrier Reef. It's a perfect dive spot all year round with the average temperature ranging from 22C to 32C.

Mozambique is the ideal destination for a honeymoon, adventure holiday and a family holiday. It has so much to offer from luxury safaris, water sports, to relaxing beaches and indulgent spas. Despite being a relatively large country, a trip to Mozambique feels like you're on a secluded island in the Indian Ocean, it is easy to see why so many people are choosing Mozambique for the luxury holiday on safari. 

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