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Mozambique Information Directory

General Information

Mozambique is a unique and inspiring country with lots to offer visitors, including the ancient Mozambican historical monuments, the renaissance beauty and fashion metropolis cities. The local currency used in Mozambique is Metica.

The Portuguese named the country Moçambique after the Island of Mozambique. The island-town was the capital of the Portuguese colony until 1898, when it was moved South to Lourenço Marques (now Maputo).

Mozambique is located on the South-eastern coast of Africa and is bordered by Tanzania to the North, South Africa and Swaziland to the South, Zimbabwe to the West and Zambia and Malawi to the North-west.

For almost two decades, many of these attractions were inaccessible due to a prolonged guerrilla war. Now Mozambique is one of Africa’s rising countries, with an upbeat atmosphere, overflowing markets and a 2500 km coastline just waiting to be discovered. If you are looking for a tame Mozambique, stay closer to the South, where roads and transport links (especially with neighbouring South Africa) are good and accommodation options are plenty.

Mozambique is mostly coastal lowlands, rising toward the West. Mountains in the North can reach a height of over 8,000 ft. 

The climate of Mozambique is mostly influenced by the monsoons from the Indian Ocean and the hot current of the Mozambique Canal, making it generally tropical and humid. The dry season, in the Centre/North lasts for about four to six months, where as in the South, the dry tropical climate lasts between six and nine months.

The Mozambique coast faces the Indian Ocean and because of its climate, warm waters and vast beach area, it is rich in many marine species, some of which are unfortunately in danger of extinction.

Activities in Mozambique

Mozambique offers a wide variety of activities for travellers to enjoy. There are many popular vacation spots in Mozambique. The country offers destinations that are of historical and cultural interest. There is so much to see and do in Mozambique, from spectacular coral reefs and beaches, to hikes and walks discovering the beautiful landscape.

Mozambique borders the Indian Ocean with exotic beaches. There are little islands dotted around the coastline that offers visitors a multitude of things to do.  Some of the popular beach destinations in Mozambique are Inhaca Island (near Maputo), Inhambane with its beach resorts, Xai-Xai and Vilankulo.

Maputo offers urban tourism in the beautiful capital and is renowned for its wide avenues lined with red acácias and lilac jacaranda trees.  Maputo offers the visitor not only sun and sea, but also trips to visit the natural park of Maputo, the dam of the “Pequenos Libombos” or as an alternative, the idyllic village of Namaacha.

Inhambane is in southern Mozambique and this is where most tourists come to stay.  Extending from Quissico in the South to Nova Mambone in the North, Inhambane is a holiday destination to suit every budget and taste. 

Accommodation in Mozambique

There are so many accommodation options available in this diverse and popular country. Accommodation ranges from camping and backpacking, through self-catering cabanas to private guest houses and luxury lodges.  Please view the accommodation directory for more information.

Business Directory

Mozambique's business community is growing. Tourists can find shops, stalls and souvenirs all over the country. The local restaurants are a culinary delight and there is something for every taste. Please view our business directory for a full list of businesses.

Mozambique Information DirectoryMozambique Information DirectoryMozambique Information DirectoryMozambique Information DirectoryMozambique Information DirectoryMozambique Information Directory